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General Chat Forum Rules (Updated 22 July 2009)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:24 pm    Post subject: General Chat Forum Rules (Updated 22 July 2009) Reply with quote

Welcome to General Chat! In this forum, feel free to discuss any topics not related to Guitar Hero or video games.


- NEW TOPICS: All topics that have a potential to create real, thoughtful discussion are welcome here. Topics that don't have a potential for discussion can and will be removed/locked at any time, without warning. Keep this in mind when posting news stories, celebrity deaths, movie topics, music topics, etc. Whether or not these topics have discussion potential is completely left to the discretion of the staff.

- POSTING REPLIES: If you don't have constructive advice, unique input or thoughtful observations, then you have no reason to reply. +1s, "^ this," "I agree"-type responses are worthless. Garbage in, garbage out. See EWiggen's Guide to being Helpful

- VIDEOS: The Video Thread is gone. You may post videos IF AND ONLY IF they have discussion value, and if you introduce a discussion topic to accompany the video. Topics lacking either or both of these elements will be deleted.

Other Guidelines

- This is NOT a technical support or homework-help forum.
Specialty/help sites and FAQs exist for a reason. If your thread is a question, ask yourself: "Have I used Google? Have I searched for an answer? Have I exhausted all of my resources online and offline? Is ScoreHero the only place this question can capably be answered?" If your first stop is General Chat, you haven't done enough.

- This is NOT a Web Feed of ANY type.
Discussion of a topic starts with the topic creator. Any and all threads that have a story/article/thesis/announcement/etc. without any OPENING discussion will be trashed. If you want to post any of these types of threads but do not want to start discussion with anything more than "What do you think of this?" or anything along those lines, then DO NOT POST THE TOPIC.

- Absolutely NO flaming or backseat-moderating.
We're all on ScoreHero for the same reasons and everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. Treat your fellow ScoreHeroers with respect. If a user is insulting or flaming someone else (or violating any rules), notify a staff member in a private message ONLY. No one wants to read a bunch of posts telling other people what to do.

Useful Links

- ScoreHero IRC Chat!
- ScoreHero SH-Bot Reporting System
- New Forum Signature Rules

Note: These rules can be changed at any time. Notification of these rules will only be announced in this thread. These rules will never be changed to retroactively punish or take action against an existing thread, post, or member.
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