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Vocal Difficulty per Game
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

never did this, so better late than never i guess :p

SH - pretty standard

WT - only thing hard about this is the setlist size, other then that, solids ftw

GH6 - same thing as WT, easier songs and the easiest engine yet BUT ill give it to 6 cause the engine is still technically harder to combo than WT solids

GH5 - a beefed up version of 6 literally due to the engine

GHVH - imo the "hardest overall difficult setlist" as in sooooo many songs are equally tricky with each other, and it has some of the hardest songs in the series

GHM - looooooooooooooooooong songs, and SCC and HTL are insane

BH - not by much though, its ALMOST tied with M, but i went with my gut feeling in the end

and while they are not part of the GH series, i thought id just throw in BHDS and DJH2 vox for comparison sake and if anyone ever wonders

SH < BHDS < WT < GH5 < GHVH < GHM < DJH2 = BH

BHDS - srsly, if u have a ds lite, u should consider getting this for a fun ez fgfc... u will be done with the 30 song setlist in no time, and the only reason its higher than SH is cause the small handful of tricky songs on there that are indeed TRICKY! Plus the fact that the engine pretty much forces u to octave shift in sometimes awkward areas due to the ds mics oversensitivity (u basically cant go into falsetto OR lolow notes if u want a chance at fcing the song), the engine leaves much to be desired, but as GH vocalists u should be use to tricky/unfair engines by now

DJH2 - however i do NOT recommend this one! easily the most annoying fgfc ive ever gotten (annoying doesnt necessarily mean hardest), no practice mode + ur stuck on static vocals + ur singing mixes of songs, so u will not know what exactly u will be singing at 1st + annoying talkie/"rappie" system + a few broken pitches in one or two songs + sloppy put together combo/scoring system where ur streak and multiplier are separate + VERY dumb/lazy/wrong charting at times = terribly unfun to grind, and easily the least satisfying fgfc u may ever get... but in the end i still didnt know which ones harder, so ill leave it as a tie with BH but for completely different reasons

the list is based for ps3 (and i guess technically 360 too)
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