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Race to 20 New FGFCs

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:45 am    Post subject: Race to 20 New FGFCs Reply with quote

To inspire more competition with FGFCing, I have created a new challenge for you. You have to try and get twenty FGFCs you don't already have (inspired by the limit for bushi's leaderboard). This can help players be more encouraged to get FGFCs, and help boost FGFC counts of the already FGFC-wealthy (including drama, voided, and arvain).

Players of any skill level/FGFC count can join.
All scores must be uploaded for a FGFC to be counted.
For the purposes of this rivalry, a "new" FGFC is an FGFC that was finished after joining the rivalry.
Games counted: GH Series, BH, RB Series, GHDS series, BHDS, DJ Hero, you know, the stuff counted on bushi's leaderboard.
GH2 can be either version, if you have the 360 version, I assume you don't need the exclusives but it wouldn't hurt.
All four standard difficulties counted, but not beginner.
When you get a "new" FGFC, please post in here.

Sign ups:
Does not leave my sig until Chrisssss FCs TDWF on Hard Bass.

@ataeaf=My Twitter. RB Accomps. GH Accomps. Nobody reads them.
voidedalive2x wrote:
of COURSE it's doable, you ninny! Don't you cop out on me now!
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