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Will Rock For Food -- Find Bandmates Here!

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:17 pm    Post subject: Will Rock For Food -- Find Bandmates Here! Reply with quote

Welcome to the Will Rock For Food forum! This forum was created so that Guitar Hero: World Tour players could find a band to join or recruit other players into their own band. This announcement will serve to show people how to make a proper topic that will reduce confusion and clutter, therefore making the recruiting experience faster. This won't be a heavily moderated forum. We aren't looking for topics to lock and we aren't looking for people to call out. However, when looking for a band, please look on the first couple of pages before you make a new topic.

(New, as of 11/02/08): There is now a utility for finding band members which may help you form a band without needing a thread. Check it out here.

I: How to make a Will Rock For Food topic

Subject: Include what type of band member you need (Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Vocalist) and (IMPORTANT) the system that you play on. Put it in this format: "Looking for guitarist on Hard (PS3)!" or "Expert drummer looking for band (360)!".

Preferred instrument: Tell people what you play most of the time, so they know what to expect. Also express if you would like to switch instruments occasionally, and what instrument (if any) you are most likely to leave alone. Drummers- be sure to mention whether you'll be using a GHWT or a Rock Band drum kit.

Time of day and week: In here, explain your schedule. Tell people what your schedule normally is (school, work, vacation, etc.), what time of day you're available, and what days you're available. Communication is key. Find people with relatively similar schedules before you make any decisions; If you are a night owl and someone else doesn't stay up later than 8 P.M., then you might have a problem.

Other ways of contacting you: If you want to discuss this in-depth, it might be a good idea for you guys to swap AIM screen-names. This way you can talk about it efficiently.

Note: Update OP often. When you recruit a new member, update the OP and post in the thread (do both of these) to indicate the updates. It's a good idea to list who has which instrument, which will let people know whether they should bother applying for a certain spot.

II: Other things to think about

- Discuss band names. If you haven't already made one, feel free to discuss some names you want to give the band.
- Next play time: After each session, it might be wise to set up another time that you guys are all available and can play.
- Stories/jokes: Playing with 3 other people, online or off, is bound to create some hilarity. Talk about it.

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